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Hi, I am Harry

An award-winning freelance Branding and Web Designer based in Dubai.

About me

Only I like to stay a bit on the extremes – in precision, quality, and results. I specialize in creative designing and digital conceptualization. Now, this can be anything from designing a corporate identity, creating a webpage, or developing a dynamic web application. But what I create aren’t just design or applications, but a digital experience that understand user engagement and fetch ROI. And that’s not all.

Organizations often hire me for leading team projects in the Digital space as well as collaborating with other specialists to ensure the successful implementation of the projects.

More than
Years of experience


Oh, that? That’s me, and my methodology I created to offer you a three-dimensional service. Something of a turnkey solution, so you don’t have to knock on several doors to complete one project or even a couple of them. Here take a look.


The Marketing 2.0 Conference 2024

Outstanding Leadership Award

The Communicator Awards 2023

Gold Award of Excellence – Best Website

The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts 2016

Best Government Website Award

Web Marketing Association 2016

Best Government Website Award

Web Marketing Association 2015

Outstanding Website Award

My portfolio

A selection of some recently completed projects, covering a wide range of design disciplines